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40° Predictive Data Science and AI for well-founded pictures of the future

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Our services in all phases of big data analysis

Research & Analytics
Research & Analytics

Building up knowledge

With in-depth data analysis and data compression, you gain new insights to make better and faster decisions and thus accelerate your growth. Discover the power of connecting your data and freely available data for your business.

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Science & AI
Science & AI

The future of the future

With predictive data science and the use of AI-based algorithms and high-performance training and learning systems, you achieve a real knowledge advantage and security when making decisions. A competitive advantage that you can use for your business.

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Software, Tools, Platforms and engineering

Intelligent platforms

It all starts with collecting data, managing data, streaming data, filtering data and making data available. From our own data lake to complex automation in the cloud, we build intelligent tools for your data. As a web service. In the cloud. On premise. Or hybrid.

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Big Data Visualization
Data Visualization

Big Data Storytelling

Data visualization and real-time data aggregation help to handle large amounts of data and complex relationships easy to understand and explain, to identify patterns and trends and to recognize outliers. We build individual dashboards and management systems with which our customers always keep an eye on their data flows and key figures.

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Artificial intelligence in use - for your successful business development

Images & video detection

Insights into images and videos through object segmentation. Identification and classification of objects. Pattern, text and symbol recognition. Identification of deviations and faults..

Forecasting technology: Predictive Analytics

Forecasts and assessments of future behavior and performance of KPIs. Category assignment, pattern recognition, value calculation. Find relationships and mechanisms.

Generative algorithms and systems

Model representation of reality in intelligent data models that derive recommendations for the future through the use of artificial intelligence. Real time. In the cloud or on the user device.

Natural Language Processing

Packaging, clustering, extraction and evaluation of information from texts. Context-based understanding of statements in documents and user requests. Use: text classification, chatbots, language assistants.