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Data Visualization: Presentation of complex data in real time

Business intelligence, data visualization and real-time data aggregation illuminate your company in a new light.
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Why data visualization and data storytelling?

Large amounts of data and countless, linked data sources - internally and externally - produce one thing above all: complexity. With 40° graphical representations and interactive dashboards, you and your stakeholders understand business trends or forecasts and relationships that are provided by the AI. Only with an overview and an understanding of the (condensed) numbers and correlations is it possible to make well-founded decisions, to identify opportunities and to calculate risks.


Our approach

Data visualization is a process in which data is captured and placed in a visual context. Trends, correlations and patterns that may not be noticed in text-based data can be easily identified using data visualization tools. Behind the visualizations and dashboards are data models, query algorithms and defined evaluation goals from your data lake or from your AI.

At 40° we support you in setting up a data visualization based on your constantly changing data. Our experts are very familiar with various data visualization tools - from Tableau to PowerBI to D3JS - to help you create graphical, interactive data representations.

We rely on self-explanatory dashboards and narrative elements to not only make connections visible, but also to clarify them through texts and explanations and thus make them communicable. Dashboards and data visualizations of 40° are developed and optimized in such a way that they help the user to concentrate on the relevant data.


What is the benefit?

40° data visualization and data storytelling help you and your customers, colleagues, partners, to make informed decisions without wasting time searching for relationships and patterns. Data visualization is therefore an essential element of a well-founded data analysis strategy and an indispensable part of the data reporting process.