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Predictive Data Science & AI

AI-based algorithms and powerful training and learning systems bring you real knowledge advantage.
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Why Artificial Intelligence?

Identifying trends and making predictions about possible future scenarios is part of the core business of 40°. With our next42.ai AI platform, we now offer another solution, based on extensive data analysis and evaluations with the help of artificial intelligence, to learn from existing data and make assumptions for the future.


Our approach

The data analysis is a central lever to sharpen the view into the future. However, it is a bit tricky to recognize and learn patterns based on the data. Artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning can be used to accomplish exactly these tasks. Regardless of whether you want to train your own models or use AI from the cloud (e.g. IBM Watson, Azure Cloud or AWS) - based on a functioning data science strategy in your company, you are flexible when it comes to using AI for data analysis. We develop elaborate models for machine and deep learning and thus support the targeted development and use of an individual AI for your company.


What is the benefit?

The result: By using intelligent machine learning or deep learning models, you get powerful tools that recognize patterns and thus make predictions, which in turn support your decision-making. In combination with a powerful data lake in your organization, the system grows and becomes more and more intelligent - with the result that the error rate drops.