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Big Data Research & Analytics

Rely on in-depth data analytics to make better decisions and accelerate your growth.
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Why data analysis?

In a data-driven world, 40° supports customers in using the potential of data effectively through targeted analysis. The goal is to be able to make better decisions. Good models for machine learning or deep learning can only be developed on the basis of a thorough understanding of the data and relationships.


Our approach

On the basis of proven, highly developed data analysis and research skills of 40°, we take a holistic view of marketing and sales data as well as service and production data. With the help of elaborate algorithms and comprehensive data science technologies, we look for patterns and trends in your data. At the same time, we bring a contextual understanding of our customers' business goals - knowledge that helps us to identify relevant insights and enables us to use the right methods to solve business problems.

What to start with? Ideally, we develop a data (lake) strategy that is individual for your company and identify the key points for new insights through the use of data analysis and artificial intelligence. On this basis, we set up your individual data lake as a service platform - either "on premise" in your data center or in the cloud.


What is the benefit?

The result: meaningful business knowledge that crystallizes from the interaction of data and context. They are the basis for informed decisions and effective strategies for your organization.