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Engineering: Intelligent data platforms for your organization

From corporate data lake to complex automation in the cloud, we build intelligent tools for your data.


Why intelligent data platforms?

Large amounts of data can no longer be evaluated on your own computer or the company server. It's about real-time data, huge data packets, and fast data conversion to create correlations. There are tools and frameworks here that help deal with this amount of data. Among the most powerful tools are open source tools that have already proven themselves in practice and which we use in application development. In addition, we develop API backends, microservices and web applications with which you can record, manage and evaluate your process and thus also your data. With our experience, we help you select the right data science tools and support you in setting up your own data science infrastructure - locally, decentrally or in the cloud.


Our approach

We advise and support companies and institutions in building and expanding their skills in the areas of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We implement applications that allow access to your data. These are interfaces (APIs), microservices or web applications that we implement as a mobile app or stand-alone solution or that can be fully integrated into your Office 365 environment (e.g. SharePoint or teams).

When setting up a data lake platform, we value fast, simple and highly scalable and automated data acquisition. Here, data from different sources (sensors in our own production, core data and movement data from ERP or CRM via interfaces or external data (keyword: open data) come together. In the data lake, the data are linked, decoded, filtered, tagged, weighted - and of course analyzed, in particular unstructured data is prepared in such a way that it can then be evaluated using machine learning algorithms or deep learning.


What is the benefit?

With your own Data Lake platform, you are flexible and independent of external providers. Your data is yours and will remain with you. With your own platform, you can stabilize your data and analyze it. And you use the competitive advantage for your own business. Real-time insight generation is significantly accelerated. And your employees learn to work with data and benefit from analyzes that can lead to new services and products. The result: Your processes are transformed in a context-based manner and are provided in the organization in a highly scalable, automated and intelligent way via standard interfaces.