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We blog and share our knowledge. On medium. In our blog, we focus on innovation topics, questions about the future, new business models and trends as well as digitization, predictive data science and technologies related to big data, machine learning and deep learning. Follow us to receive the latest specialist articles on a regular basis.

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AI and machine learning
AI: Intelligent machine
Feb 2020

How we can already use the possibilities of machine learning in companies and institutions today

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Buzzword in Data Science
Buzzwords im Data Science?
Dec 2019

What are the differences between AI, algorithms, machine learning and deep learning?

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Strategic trend analysis
Strategic trend analysis
July 2019

In this way, companies can recognize future trends, understand them and use them sensibly for the strategy

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AI based ChatBots for cognitive services
From chatbot to changebot
July 2019

Supporting strategic change communication through intelligent bots based on cognitive AI.

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Technology: Microservices in the cloud for extensive data science projects
Microservices & Serverless
June 2019

Strategic base for a modern and user-centered software development in the (hybrid) cloud.

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Traffic turnaround in Schleswig-Holstein: mobility and Delphi study
Delphi-Studie zur Verkehrswende
Oct 2018

Traffic turnaround in Schleswig-Holstein. Or: How to initiate a future dialogue with experts from the country.

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